What is Store XR?

STORE XR is a PACS system that is compliant with FDA, HIPAA and all DICOM standards.  

What makes STORE XR different from other PACS systems? The STORE XR PACS was built from the ground up based on industry standards, not open source or 3rd party products. Our technology is truly flexible and can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud – any cloud (Azure, Amazon EC3, Ethereum Blockchain). DICOM files from specialties such as Radiology, Pathology, Ophthalmology, and Veterinary practices can be stored and accessed from any compliant DICOM device.  

How Store XR works

Storing large files is easy

  • Install STORE XR software package on your server (on-prem or in Cloud)

  • Activate License key

  • Configure your STORE XR Instance

Why Store XR?

STORE XR provides an inexpensive way to store all images in one place and access them easily.  Our PACS software was developed in house and can be customized for the demands of your organization.  Unique features such as storage segregation and private tag assignment are available in every package option. STORE XR adjusts to meet business needs and your budget. When bundled with our SHARE XR solution, storing and sharing images is simplified. 

store xr pricing

Smart Pricing

Our cost is based upon usage 

  • 30-day free trial
  • Multiple plan options to fit your budget
  • Flexible configurations for cost savings

Easy To Use

  • Cloud PACS securely accessible from any location with internet 
  • Administrate from any connectivity point 
  • Intuitive interface

store xr


  • Connect to any DICOM compliant device
  • Interoperability to RIS or EHR/EMR systems
  • Modality Worklist (MWL) process integration


  • FDA
  • DICOM standards
  • All standard images supported

store xr customizable


  • Can add private tags to images
  • Storage segregation by UID rules
  • Action-based duplicate logic
  • API Integration available

Completely Secure

  • TLS encryption
  • Data at rest encryption
  • WADO (*coming soon)
  • Cloud PACS Archive ensures business continuance when disaster strikes

Who Can Benefit from Store XR

Our Other Technologies


Intravision XR

INTRAVISION XR allows you to visualize fully formed, 3D models from any DICOM dataset, including CT and MRI scans.

  • View models with complete anatomic detail- this includes spatial relationships between organs and their detailed internal structure
  • View complex, internal structural relationships by virtually entering the organ. Explore vasculature, neoplasms, and anomalies in-situ within specific structures
  • Manipulate models with Move, Scale, and Rotate features
  • Viewable on phone, tablet, laptop, workstation or AR/VR device
  • Use in Surgical Planning to register holographic images onto actual patient structures


Share XR

SHARE XR is our unique system that sends and requests large data files such as CT/MRI scans, mammograms, breast tomograms, and pathology slide images. The system allows users to share files to and from any smart device (i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers).

Send and request images anywhere around the globe:

  • Within minutes
  • Completely encrypted
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Multi-layer authentication

Your Data is The Lifeblood of Your Organization

Our reliable software ensures that your data is secure and accessible when you need it.