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Stop viewing the 3D world with 2D images

DICOM Director’s breakthrough INTRAVISION XR technology visualizes full three dimensional images from any CT or MRI scan
Viewable on augmented or virtual reality devices, or on any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Prepare for surgeries with innovative technology that improves your strategy and your patient’s understanding

Surgical Planning

No more rolling back and forth through slices of a CT scan, trying to visualize a structure in your mind.

Using your CT or MRI scan, INTRAVISION XR visualizes a fully formed 3D image within minutes, right on your desktop. Plan surgical approaches with more accuracy and fewer unknowns.

Informed Consent

Do patients really understand their disease when you show them their CT scan? Likely not. With INTRAVISION XR, patients see their anatomy in 3D and thereby understand the relationship between structures. Less time spent on explaining images means more time to explain the process. Patients are more confident going into surgery because they are better informed and prepared.

*INTRAVISION XR technology is not currently FDA approved for clinical use. It is sold for research and informational purposes only.

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View patient imaging without needing to lift your head

Keep Your Eyes on the Patient

Wearing the HoloLens, Surgeons can see images while also seeing the patient. No more looking at displays across the room. With voice commands, images can be displayed immediately, without taking your eyes off the work.

Mixed Reality For Surgeons

INTRAVISION XR takes real-time image-guided surgery to a new level. Holographic images can be superimposed onto the patient in the OR, creating a virtual “x-ray” vision.

*INTRAVISION XR technology is not currently FDA approved for clinical use. It is sold for research and informational purposes only.


Post-Op review is easier and more informative when viewing results in 3D

Collaboration with Colleagues

When reviewing cases with colleagues or residency fellows, seeing results in 3D removes the guesswork of visualizing structures. Review time is quicker because results are clearly seen. There is no need to visually translate images from 2D to 3D. 

Bring Case Conferences to a New Level

Carry the simplicity of holographic viewing to case conferences by enabling the presenter to articulate the story in 3D. Attendees can follow along by viewing 3D structures with an AR/VR headset or on a traditional platform such as a large screen or laptop. This advanced visualization allows all audience members to better understand and participate in the conversation.  

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Remote Proctoring

Be an effective Proctor without having to be physically present

Proctors have Real-time Line of Sight

Using Remote Assist with the HoloLens allows Proctors to see exactly what the Surgeon in the OR sees. The Surgeon wears the HoloLens and the Proctor sees real-time line of sight from the Surgeon’s perspective. The Proctor views the surgery on a desktop or laptop.

Proctors are able to effectively evaluate and guide the Surgeon if necessary, using audio or visual cues.

No Need for Travel

Remote Proctoring means no need for travel. Hectic schedules are better accommodated. The constraints of time, cost and travel restrictions are removed from the certification process.

Our Solutions for Surgeons

Increase your efficiency with INTRAVISION XR, STORE XR & SHARE XR. Our technologies can provide the solutions you need to maximize your patient’s experience, your work flow and minimize frustration.
Our STORE XR function visualizes scaled PACS storage just for your practice. At another hospital? No problem; access your own PACS and get your films where you need them, when you need them

Collaborate with colleagues across the street or across the globe instantly and securely with our SHARE XR technology.


Surgeons collaborate simultaniously on the same hologram from anywhere in the world in real time

View Holographic Models

Ability to view existing 3D models or models you visualize with INTRAVISION

Voice Commands

View and manipulate images with voice commands meaning hands free control

Multi-Factor Authentication

Choose single factor or double factor authentication for transmission of data

Connect with anyone

Share your files with anyone, anywhere, on any system or device

Intuitive Interface

An interface designed with the end-user in mind; 


Subscription prices to meet your needs and beat any competitor

Transmission Within Seconds

Send and receive files virtually instantaneously

Completely Secure

Completely encrypted and HIPAA compliant
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Intravision XR

INTRAVISION XR allows you to visualize fully formed, 3D models from any DICOM dataset, including CT and MRI scans.

  • View models with complete anatomic detail- this includes spatial relationships between organs and their detailed internal structure
  • View complex, internal structural relationships by virtually entering the organ. Explore vasculature, neoplasms, and anomalies in-situ within specific structures
  • Manipulate models with Move, Scale, and Rotate features
  • Viewable on phone, tablet, laptop, workstation or AR/VR device


Share XR

SHARE XR is our unique system that sends and requests large data files such as CT/MRI scans, mammograms, breast tomograms, and pathology slide images. The system allows users to share files to and from any smart device (i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers).

Send and request images anywhere around the globe:

  • Within minutes
  • Completely encrypted
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Multi-layer authentication


Store XR

Whether a small independent clinical practice or a large enterprise-level department, digital storage of Protected Health Information (PHI) is a dominant issue in virtually every healthcare setting.

While the development of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems has progressed, the storage and management of digital imaging remains largely antiquated. Traditionally, most imaging is stored in PACS servers under the control of the hospital and the Radiology department. This visualizes delays in accessing films on-the-fly and significant barriers to efficient patient care.

With STORE XR, every medical practice can easily, securely, and rapidly upload/download and store digital images.

Better tools means better care

A higher level of imaging leads to more efficient surgeries, less OR time, less blood loss and lower complications.